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pg&e is facing its first lawsuit from the san bruno explosion. the uc berkeley graduate released from an iranian prison this week is headed for american soil tonight. and as whooping cough indications climb statewide. health leaders are trying to stop the spread one shot at a time. the san diego zoo made an unexpected whale of a find, literally. the bay area at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, i'm diane
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dwyer. the first lawsuit has been filed now against pg&e for the explosion and fire in san bruno. among other things it calls for a third party to step in and handle the claims. monty francis is in san bruno with the latest for us. hello, monty. >> the name of the person who filed this lawsuit is steve dare. his house was not damaged in the fire, but he was evacuated from his home for three days. mr. dare is suing pg&e and san mateo superior county court. he names himself and others similarly situated indicating this could become a class action lawsuit. the lawsuit was filed yesterday, it accuses pg&e for negligence for the explosion that killed seven people and destroyed 40 homes here on september 9th. the suit seeks to turn over the victim's fund set up by pg&e by a third party that would manage that money. it would also seek damages beyond that amount.
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pg&e is expected to turn over that list in its 100 most vulnerable sites, state senator leyland ye's office tells us the information is scheduled to be handed over 2:00 monday afternoon. >> the people and residents have a right to know where these pipes are so they can make a conscious decision, should i live here? >> pg&e has refused to turn over the list, arguing making the information public would be a threat to national security. once that information is turned over, the senator says it's likely that information would be made public. live in san bruno tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. that uc berkeley graduate released from iran after more than a year in custody is on her way home tonight to the united states. sarah shourd spoke briefly today at an airport in oman.
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she thanked them for mediating her bail. her mother has said she's suffering from a breast lump and precancerous cervical cells. shourd's attention remained on her fiancee and good friend who are still behind fwharz iran, charged with being u.s. spies. >> i think thank the good hospitalable people of oman. and ask for your prayers for josh and jeff. they will soon be free. >> she's expected to arrive in new york tonight and due to talk to the media tomorrow. a fund-raiser tonight for a city council candidate in san jose is expected to draw quite a crowd, because the conservative candidate supported proposition eight. the anti-gay marriage initiative, and gay supporters
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plan to protest. fund-raiser is being held at the home of a fellow congressman who has endorsed pegram. chuck reid has also endorsed the conservative candidate. there is expected to be a rally to protest the mayor's endorsement. he needs pegram's help at city hall to deal with the budget. he wants someone who's focused on fixing the city's financial problems. >> i don't agree with larry on all his social issues. everyone has their own viewpoint on each of these issues. when it comes down to it, those are issues that don't come before the city council. my job is to make sure we do everything we can do to ensure we have a good city. we have a fiscally stable city, and i think larry's the one to help us get to that point. >> coming up, we'll have more from the fund-raiser scheduled to get underway soon.
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supporters of prop 8 are urging a federal appeals court to up hold the vote area proved ban on same sex marriage. the judge who struck down the measure last month invented a right that doesn't exist. in a brief filed with the ninth circle court of appeals yesterday, there is no fundamental right to marry a person of the same sex. last month judge walker ruled the measure violated the u.s. constitution's guarantee of equal protection and due proc s process. the appeal is just the latest chapter in a five-year battle over same sex marriage in california. there's a good possibility the case could reach the united states supreme court. we have more information tonight on the deadly car crash in movado, involving five high school students. the driver arrested on charges of drunk driving and without a license yesterday is just 16 years old. he lost control going through a curve too fast and ended up right in front of the tractor-trailer hauling cattle. a 15-year-old in the back of the car was kimmed, three
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17-year-olds and the driver were all hospitalized from injuries ranging from moderate to critical. the driver of the trailer was not seriously hurt. witnesses say the driver ran to help the teens after the crash. nearly five months after the deepwater horizon rupture, bp engineers say they will finish work to permanently seal the well tomorrow. the work on the walter may be done, the work along the coast is far from finished at this point. jay gray has the latest from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: in the gulf right now, cement is flowing instead of oil. the final step in permanently sealing the fractured deepwater horizon well. the process bp engineers now say should be finished sometime tomorrow. it will take about 5,000 gallons of cement to do the job, pumped in through the primarily relief well which intersected with the cripples rig thursday. almost 13,000 feet below the floor of the gulf. as teams close off the rig, they're also beginning to close
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down operations at the spill site. >> we're demobilizing equipment that's not needed at the spill site right now. >> many want to make sure there's no slowdown in the cleanup and recovery effort. even now, almost five months after the rig explosion and collapse and more than two months since crude has flowed into the gulf. teams are still finding oil. independent scientists say along the gulf floor, they've identified blankets of crude in some areas two inches thick. federal officials are promising to continue work in the region for as long as it takes. >> we're in the midst of a comprehensive collaborative effort to monitor the fate of the oil and the dispersants subsurface. >> reporter: most agree even when the well is sealed, there will still be a lot of work left to be done. >> many say they've already seen a significant drop in the number of recovery and cleanup cruise here. officials insist they have enough manpower to continue that
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work as long as necessary. in venice, louisiana, jay gray, nbc bay area news. still to come at 5:00, the free clinic that had people lining up around the block in san mateo. we'll show you. and it's a cause that brought kids of allge as out today in one of san francisco's most troubled neighborhoods. we'll have a sneak peak of the gadgets and gizmos featured in san jose's zero one festival. a look at the clouds coming in, the camera shaking as we look from san bruno mountain to san francisco. the rain is in the forec
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san mateo county health leaders hosted a free whooping cough vaccination today. the line stretched around the block. the number of cases in the county is nearly eight times what it was last year. in fact, the entire state is on track to break a 55-year-old record for the disease. some who showed up at today's clinic felt like getting vaccinated was simply doing their part to stop the spread. >> i think it's fair to say everyone's concerned after h1n1 there's new super viruss going around, whatever we can do cumulatively, at least we could say we tried, and it's a good preventative measure, i believe. >> health leaders are encouraging everyone older than seven to get a vaccination, especially those in close contact with newborns. whooping cough is especially dangerous for infants. nine babies have died after
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coming down with the virus this year. dozen of people who live in the bay view hunters point neighborhood hosted today's block party to honor those people who died due to violence in their community. there was still some fun to be had for the kids as well. >> we feel that for these kids coming up. it should be a good thing for them. it's like we're trying to change this whole community. >> the city attorney has enacted injunctions against several gangs which appropriate in the area, which prohibits them from gathering together and engaging in gang activity. still ahead at 5:00, we'll show you some of the most innovative entries at today's green free. it's all part of san jose's technology festival. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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which would be great... if i was seven. i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six. just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that cost tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] losing a tooth is a big deal at any age. that's why we offer dental coverage. blue shield.
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san jose's technology festival is in full swing this weekend. it's a parade, but think of it as art on wheels with an environmental touch. and it's quirky. if you think these projects are something to see, then you really need to check out what the festival has set up in san jose's tech seum. scott budman has this behind the scenes preview. >> reporter: a video gauge a chance to finger paint. >> that is awesome. >> a trip around the solar system. >> all open to the public at san jose's tech museum. all part of the 01 festival mixing art and technology. >> the companies behind these exhibits are the big players. >> reporter: we found intel, adobe, invidia and google. >> it's an experience i've never
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had before in my life. it makes you dizzy when you travel through space and time, and then. i was walking from my hometown, munich, looking through my apartment window. >> i'm able to see my house now. i don't know, pinpoint where my house is whenever i want to look at it, on my old house. >> reporter: or you can get around this way. with giant wings. put on your flight suit. rise above it all and fly. >> i would argue it's a wonderful, wonderful opportunity. we engage the wonder of flight that's been, since the 20s, since amelia earhart has been mill tarrized and commercialized and lost that magic -- the thing that keeps us looking at the bird. >> take a high-tech leap, go somewhere you've never been all
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right here at home. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that looks very cool. the festival runs through tomorrow at the san jose tech museum. dogs were the focus of another festival in san jose today. bark in the park, the 13th year the event has been held. it's a chance for owners to check out everything from obedience classes and for the dogs to socialize a bit as well. all proceeds from bark in the park benefit the humane society and the san jose animal care center. they're having a good time. i must tell you, it was weird out there today. it was overcast, a little hot and muggy, and it started to rain. i don't know, it was a weird day. >> tomorrow we're going to have a little more rain. >> last weekend, i can't eastern believe it. thursday is the official start to fall. we start out live right now in san francisco at the golden gate bridge. a little mist and drizzle. we are going to get some rain in the forecast, through late
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tonight into tomorrow morning. there's a shop from oakland as we look back across the bay. we have low level clouds, mid level clouds, high level clouds, we have them all coming across the bay area this evening. san jose, still sunny across the south bay and east bay. we have plenty of sunshine with 70s in place. the weather headlines as we move forward through tonight. starting to see those clouds thicken up, especially by midnight through early tomorrow morning. the wind picks up as well. it's already happening in the north end of the bay. most of that will be concentrated on the north bay. places like san jose and freemont, you get a little bit of rain, but not a whole lot. into monday we're clearing with a nice breeze rather mild this afternoon. as of this hour, we've been dealing with 70s out there, and a couple 60s closer to the coast. 72 in concord, 67 in san francisco. you saw the fog starting to come through the golden gate, and the high clouds are coming through
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behind it. it will cool out quickly in the city within an hour or so. >> the wind right now, anywhere from three miles in san francisco, to 16 miles in the south bay. we also have some gusty winds in the past hour. 30 mile per hour gusts in fairfield. from livermore the same story. you have gusty winds coming through. this is an impressive front. extending from seattle, goes down through oregon and into california. give you a closer perspective, most of this is closer to eureka and press end city. there's the front in through there. we had the warm air pulling up from the southwest. this is the satellite, the hot warm air's been coming up today. the cold air is bottled up right behind this front here. we have cold air right about there, that will give us the chance for lightning strikes as we go through tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. here's the front passing through the bay area. from a quarter inch up to about an inch through the hills.
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you head south of the golden gate. trace amounts, and the thunder behind it up to sunday as well. the timing on this is going to be an early morning event. start off at 1:00 a.m. sunday. by 8:00 a.m., the rain has moved into the north end of the bay. you have it for the north end of the bay. we take you through 10:00. it's starting to move down the peninsula. 1:00, the raiders tomorrow, have a couple scattered showers and the giants at home tomorrow as well. by 1:00 we'll start to see the rain out of the area. by 8:00 p.m., we're done with it, by monday, sunshine. 63 in san francisco, 71 in livermore, upper 60s and mid-60s for the north end of the bay. have you a couple 70s, most of us are going to be in the 60s tomorrow. here's the 7-day forecast. one day scattered showers, trace amount for the south end of the bay, a trace amount for the north bay hills. thursday, it's that time
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already. we've got that for you. >> we skip summer is the problem. >> we'll get an extra. >> that's right. everyone has their fingers crossed for the giants. >> yeah, they really need this one. we'll show you why. the a's were swapping home runs with the twins today in minnesota. maybe the padres aren't the team they should be concerned. um [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact
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that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. it's as good as they've been for most of this season.
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sometimes you forget just how young and inexperienced the a's starting rotation is. dallas braden, the most experienced of the starters has already pitched 20 innings more this season than ever before at any level. we still have two more weeks to play. it doesn't seem to be bothering him. braden allowing five earned runs in his five road starts. today kevin topped a no-no through seven the last time he saw oakland when he was pulled after seven. landon powell. finally getting to slowy. the first a's hit off a twins in season. braden in a jam, two on for twins rookie danny valencia, going long to left. that ball is gone. joe maurer and michael cuddyer score. the a's would add another, but not enough. with two weeks left in the season, only one and a half games separate the top three teams in the n.l. west, at the top of the heap, the giants.
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san francisco back at it in just over a half hour, tim lincecum faces the brewers. padres plan a little afternoon baseball today facing the cards in st. louis. san diego trying to stop a three-game slide. the padres had blown a two-run lead, we're tied at four. note for long. ludwig taking care of that three-run shot puts the padres up 7-4. they go on to win 8-4. they're tied with the giants pending tonight's game in san francisco. the dodgers aren't even prete pretending to care any more. today they just rold over duringed day. troy tulle la wilt ski taking over. the rockies shortstop taking over. belting two shots. giving him 14 homers in his last 15 games. the rockies win 12-2, they're now one game behind the giants pending tonight's game. tonight in prime time, the
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stanford football team will be looking to do something it hasn't done in nine years, start the season a perfect 3-0. the 19th ranked cardinals haven't had a start like that since 2001. all that's standing in their way this season, wake forrest and a pretty explosive offense. >> it's a great challenge because they do so much. there's so much variety to their game both offensively and defensively. they're expert at it. that staff's been together ten years, we have to get ready for it in five days, presents a lot of challenges. >> elsewhere in the top 25. upset alert. 11th ranked wisconsin had all it could handle against arizona state. the badgers taking care of that. john clarks 19 yards to the house. wisconsin on top 20-13. in the fourth quarter here come the sun devils. cameron marshall plunging in two yards. now, this should be a tie game, right? they just need the extra points.
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not a gimme, the badgers block it, it's 2019. >> how does that happen? >> it's an extra point. 20-19 wisconsin gets the ball. they then run out the clock. the badgers holding on 20-19. that will stay an editorial comment. i breathe a sigh of relief, i'm an alum. >> okay. fair enough. somebody's happy about it. four kickers not so happy. >> no. thanks a lot. wait until you see what folks at the san diego zoo unearthed this week. here's a hint. it haso at the larges ald.mmunro ring ring. progresso.
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i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white-meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it. well, good for you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer.
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the san diego zoo made a remarkable discovery this week. on thursday work crews digging a hole for a water tank hit a hard spot. well, it turns out that hard spot was a 3 million-year-old fossilized whale. the skeleton is 24 feet long and largely in tact. there's a little bit of it there you see.

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